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Benchmade 2000 Reflex Automatic (Switchblade) Knife

Benchmade's 2000 Reflex is the largest automatic knife ever manufactured by the company. It's blade is a full 4 inches long. This makes it a noticeably bigger knife than any of the current U.S. military issued Benchmade automatics.

The 2000 Reflex was discontinued a few years ago. When it was still available, Benchmade's marketing literature indicated that the butt end of the knife could be used as a blunt instrument striking weapon. The Reflex 2000 has achieved somewhat of a cult status following because of its size and early pioneering design.

The Reflex 2000 was designed and manufactured before having pocket clips on knives was popular. Therefore, the Benchmade Reflex 2000 does not have a pocket clip and was instead meant to be carried in a belt sheath. Another way in which the Reflex 2000 shows its age is that it's blade and sheath both wear Benchmade's old "Bali Song" logo design.

Benchmade 2000 Reflex Automatic Open


Benchmade 2000 Reflex Automatic Closed

The next two photos show the considerable size difference between a Reflex 2000 and the current, military issued 9050/9053SBT AFO automatic knife.

Benchmade 2000 Reflex versus 9050 9053 Automatic Knife

Benchmade 2000 Automatic versus 9053 with Sheaths


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