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A "bug-out bag" is a portable emergency preparedness and survival kit that is useful in evacuation scenarios. If a person should have to evacuate their home quickly, it would be helpful to have a compact, ready-to-go bag containing supplies allowing for self-sufficiency with respect to food, water, clothing, hygiene, first aid, basic comfort, and perhaps even self-defense.

In modern-day society, evacuations are not uncommonly prompted by wildfires, severe storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. Local and federal disaster relief efforts can be painfully slow to deploy during heavy-impact emergencies. This is why a typical bug-out bag is designed to sustain an individual for 72 hours. Though the contents of a bug-out bag can vary greatly based upon an individual's personal needs and locale, the basics can be summarized into the following 6 categories.

1) SUPPLIES: Food (non-perishable), water, hand sanitizer, soap, first-aid kit, hygiene supplies (deodorant, toothpaste, tampons, Q-Tips), and clothing.

2) ALTERNATIVE POWER: Batteries (disposable), back-up batteries, and a solar phone charger.

3) INFORMATION & DOCUMENTS: Printed emergency contact list (family, friends, etc.), medication lists, copies of critical documents (IDs, passports, birth certificates), and maps.

4) MONEY: Paper money and coins because ATMs and store debit/credit card-readers may be out-of-service due to a lack of power.

5) DEVICES & TOOLS: Flashlight, small radio, basic handtools, pocket knife or multi-tool, and perhaps a laptop or tablet.

6) SELF DEFENSE: Pepper spray or maybe a stun gun or leather sap (depending upon local laws).

It's easiest and most economical to purchase a pre-configured bug-out bag containing the basics. Then, you can add onto that starter kit to suit your own specific needs. Please visit our store.


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