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Emerson Commander Green-T Knife

Emerson Commander GTS Green-T

Emerson Commander GTS (Green-T Serrated): The is an extremely rare Emerson Commander knife that came from the factory coated in Walter Birdsong's Green-T finish. The Birdsong Green-T coating is notable in that it was originally developed at the request of the Department of U.S. Navy Intelligence. It took 3 years of development time in order for Birdsong to achieve the specifications that he was given by the Navy.

Interestingly enough, when the Green-T coating was finally ready, it had the unusual property of being IR-reflective (infrared reflective). Therefore, items coated in Green-T would be somewhat difficult to see with most nightvision technologies. The FBI promptly requested that Birdsong remove the IR-reflective property of the Green-T coating and Birdsong complied. Very few of these Emerson Commander GTS (Green-T Serrated) knives exist.

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