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A Slow Melting Ice Ball for Your Whiskey

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Ice in the shape of a ball melts much slower than any other shape or type of ice cube of similar size. The result is that your drink gets cooled but it doesn't get watered-down very quickly. Why does that work?!?!

A sphere has the least amount of surface area for a given volume of mass...

So, consider 2 pieces of ice that were both made with 2oz. of water, where one is shaped like a square cube and the other is a ball/sphere. Per the rules of basic geometry (ugh...), the ball-shaped ice will have a significantly smaller surface area than the cube. With less of a surface area in contact with the surrounding environment, you get a delayed and slower melting effect.

The Ice Ball Molds we carry in the BadGuyStuff store create jumbo-sized 2.50 inch diameter ice spheres. These are often referred to as "Whiskey Ice Balls". Bartenders in Japan pioneered the use of very large, ball-shaped ice specifically for whiskey drinks. Don't settle for ice ball molds that are even 1/2 of an inch smaller. Smaller ice balls will melt noticeably faster than our 2.50 ice spheres.

We manufacture our Ice Ball Makers out of food-grade silicone that is BPA-free and also free of any dyes or pigments. That is why they are translucent. For your convenience, they are durably built so that you can wash them in the top rack of your dishwasher.

You will find that the ice balls you can make with our premium molds work great with not just whiskey, but also with soda, iced tea, juice, punch, and many other drinks.

Basically, ice spheres are perfect for use in any beverage that you don't want watered down by your ice. But with a product this powerful, comes great responsibility. :-) There is an art to all of this and you can read about it below: "In Pursuit of the Perfect Ice Ball"

In Pursuit of the Perfect Ice Ball

We recommend the following guidelines for obtaining the most out of your new Ice Ball Molds:

1. Please thoroughly wash your ice ball molds with warm soapy water before first use. Or, run them through your dishwasher on the top rack.

2. WATER QUALITY --We highly recommend using either filtered tap water or bottled water to make your ice balls. This is because water quality plays a part in not just the taste, but also the final visual appeal/clarity of your resulting ice.

3. When you are ready to try making your first ice ball, assemble the two halves of a mold and then fill the mold with water through the small hole on the top half of the mold to about 1/4 from the top. You can check your water level because the mold is translucent when held up to the light. This will allow for room so that your ice can expand as it is formed in your freezer. Over time, you will find your own ideal level to which you prefer to fill an ice mold.

4. ICE BALL CLARITY --If the clarity of your resulting ice balls is important to you, note that the slower an ice ball freezes, the clearer the resulting ice will be. So, try to place your ice ball mold as far away from any of the cooling vents in your freezer as possible. If that doesn't result in a clear enough ice ball for you, then try loosely wrapping a small hand towel around your ice ball mold in your freezer. This will provide for a bit of insulation and will somewhat slow the freezing process. Note that the clearest ice ball is achieved by placing a very small igloo-type personal-size cooler in your freezer and then placing your filled ice ball molds inside the cooler and closing it. The cooler will insulate your molds and definitely slow down the freezing process.

5. When removing an ice ball from a mold, try working your way around the mold when pealing back the silicone. This is a more gentle way of handling your mold instead of just pealing it back from one side.

6. By always handling your ice ball mold with clean hands, you may be able to not wash them after each use.

We hope you enjoy and have fun experimenting in your pursuit of the perfect ice ball!!!

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